Asst.Prof. Surussawadi Mackawon

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Research interest :

Physiological responses and efficacy of chest physiotherapy intervention in neonatal patients.

Publication :

  • Mackawan S, Eungpinichpong W, Puntymethakul R, Chatchawan U,et al., Effects of traditional Thai massage versus joint mobilization on substance P and pain perception in patients with non specific low back pain. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 2007:11; 9-16.
  • Mackawan S, Chest physiotherapy in neonates. J Med Tech Phy Ther 2003:15(1); 1-7.
  • Puntymethakul R, Chatchawan U, Mackawan S, Sitthikongsak S,et al. Prevalence and risk of low back pain in pregnancy at Srinakarind hospital. Srinakarind J 1997: 12(4); 234-41.
  • Ninprapun A, Ubolsakka C, Wanpen S, Mackawan S. Relationship between chest expansion, lung volume and flow rate in pulmonary function test. J Med Tech Phy Ther. 1999;11: 50-8.
  • 5. Lelayuwat N, Peungsuwan P, Mackawan S, Kamruecha W. The efficacy of hand books using for parents of cerebral palsy. J Med Tech Phy Ther. 1998;10(1): 28-35.


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