Associated Professor Orawan Buranruk PT , MSc. , PhD

Education Degree


Academic Position

Associate Professor

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Research interest : - Musculoskeletal systems
- Community
- Sports and exercises science
- Complementary alternative medicine
- Health education and Health promotion

Publication :


1. Buranruk O, La Grow S, Ladawan S, Makarawate P, Suwanich T, Leelayuwat N. Thai Yoga as an appropriate alternative physical activity for older adults. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine In press.
2. Buranruk O, Leelayuwat N, Kanpittaya J. Holistic approach for Elderly within Thai Yoga. The International Conference on Yoga Research and Cultureal Synthesis, Lonavla, India, 2009.
3. Buranruk O, La Grow S, Ladawan S, Leelayuwat N. Thai Yoga. The International Yoga Therapy Conference 2009, Los Angles, USA.
4. Buranruk O, La Grow S, Ladawan S, Leelayuwat N. Thai Yoga approach in health promotion of well-being. The 8th EWC International Graduate Student Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

5. Buranruk O, Ladawan S, Suwanich T, Leelayuwat N. Measures of exercise intensity during Thai Yoga exercise in healthy middle-aged subjects. 10th International Congress of the Asian Confederation for Physical Therapy, Japan, 2008.


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