Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nattaya Sae-ung


• B.Sc. in Medical Technology
• M.Sc. in Clinical Pathology  
•  Ph.D. in Medical Technology

Academic Position

Associate Professor

E-mail :

Research interest :

• Thalassemia and related disorders
• Kidney disease and laboratory finding in clinical microscopy

Publication :

  • Karnpean R, Fucharoen G, Fucharoen S, Sae-ung N, Kanokwan Sanchaisuriya, Ratanasiri T. Accurate prenatal diagnosis of Hb Bart's hydrops fetalis in daily practice with a double-check PCR system. Acta Haematol 2009;121:227-33.
  • Srivorakun H, Fucharoen G, Sae-Ung N, Sanchaisuriya K, Ratanasiri T, Fucharoen S. Analysis of fetal blood using capillary electrophoresis system: a simple method for prenatal diagnosis of severe thalassemia diseases. Eur J Haematol. 2009;83:57-65.
  • Savongsy O, Fucharoen S, Fucharoen G, Sanchaisuriya K, Sae-ung N. Thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies in pregnant Lao women: carrier screening, prevalence and molecular basis. Ann Hematol 2008;87:647-54.
  • Tungwiwat W, Fucharoen G, Fucharoen S, Ratanasiri T, Sanchaisuriya K, Sae-ung N. Application of maternal plasma DNA analysis for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of Hb E-beta-thalassemia. Transl Res 2007; 150: 319-25.
  • Fucharoen S, Fucharoen G, Sae-Ung N, Sanchaisuriya K. Thalassemia intermedia associated with the Hb Constant Spring EE Bart’s disease in pregnancy: A molecular and hematological analysis. Blood Cells Mol Dis 2007; 39: 195-8.
  • Sae-ung N, Fucharoen G, Sanchaisuriya K, Fucharoen S. ao-Thalassemia and related disorders in northeast Thailand: a molecular and hematological characterization. Acta Haematol 2007; 117: 78-82.
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  • Bunyaratvej A, Butthep P, SaeUng N, Fucharoen S, Yuthavong Y.  Reduced deformability of   thalassemia  erythrocytes  and erythrocytes  with  abnormal hemoglobins  and  relation with susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum invasion. Blood 1992;79:2460-3. (Thesis of Mater degree).

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